p. 591 - Joseph James Iglehart
Prof. Joseph J. Iglehart, principal of the Columbia public school, is the son of Dr. Joseph and Mary (Welling) Iglehart, and was born near Clarksville, Howard county, Maryland, August 5, 1841. He was raised in his native county, and after taking a full course at the public schools of his neighborhood, entered White Hall Academy, near Harrisburg, Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, intending to complete a course of studies at Dickinson College, preparatory to entering upon the duties of his medical profession, but the breaking out of the war changed all his plans for the future. From 1865 to 1867 he taught the public school in his native district. In 1867 he emigrated to the West. Spent one year teaching in Illinois and one in Iowa. He came to Missouri in 1869, and settled in Washington, Franklin county, where he held the position of principal of the public schools for two years, during which time, and mainly through his individual efforts, he influenced the building of one of the finest public school edifices in the State. In 1873 he was appointed to the position of professor of English in the German Institute of St. Louis, a position previously occupied by the family Gen. Franz Sigel. In 1874 he moved to Linn county, where he followed teaching until 1876, when he received the appointment of principal of Prairie high school of Monroe county. In 1879 he took charge of the Ashland public school, in Boone County, Missouri, and here, as at all other points, he met with excellent success. In 1880 he was elected principal of Columbia public school which position he has held ever since. Of his management, since taking charge of this school, there has been no complaint, but much praise. He is certainly one of the most popular teachers that ever had charge of the Columbia public school, and has given a lively impetus to the cause of public instruction within the sphere of his own labors. Mr. Iglehart was married at Washington, Missouri, in 1871, to Miss Sue, daughter of Jilson and Eveline Payne. They have two daughters, May and Kittie. Mrs. Iglehart is also an excellent teacher. She has met with great success in the primary department. She is now assistant in the Columbia public school. Prof. Iglehart ranks very high as an inventor, having originated and patented a lock attachment for the school desk, piano tops, etc. A company has been organized and a manufactory put in operation at New Haven, Connecticut, and agents put on the road for the purpose of introducing this invention into all parts of the country. Prof. Iglehart is preparing a grammar which will be ready for publication in 1883.