Genealogical Society of Boone County and Central Missouri

Biographical sketches that appear in the 1882 History of Boone County, Missouri, by William Switzler  have been extracted from the book. These sketches were usually submitted by the subject or their family.  The information may have been glorified as these were commonly known as "vanity books".  
Use these sketches as a guide but additional research is suggested to verify the facts.  Additional information may appear elsewhere in the book about a particular family.
[For a list of Pioneers of Central Missouri, residing here before 1880 and whose descendants submitted an application for a Pioneer Certificate, click here to go to the Pioneer's page.]

General Information

The following biographical sketches appear in the 1882 HISTORY OF BOONE COUNTY, MISSOURI. They are reproduced here just as printed in the book with no additional information. These sketches should not be taken to be the only reference in the book to a person but neither is there a guaranteethat where would be more references to a particular person. These biographical sketches were written by the person or families represented therin and were paid for by the same, so you can take the information as fact or fiction, but it gives you a starting point.
To view biographies, click the first letter of the surname. A page will open with the sketches.
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